About Padhaoo
Padhao is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can wonder posts, photos,

Craze of Social network is increasing like fire. So why not use this fire to light our lamp of Knowledge. Build an empire of Education and Knowledge with the assistance of mentors. Padhoo.com is a social network where students can get connected to mentors, mentors can get connected to parents and students and parents can get connected to mentors.

A podium of fun, to learn for Students

It’s like getting admitted to digital school and being a part of such school improve our learning process and motivates us to learn with interesting games and activities. You can get the solution to your queries after school by messaging teachers and friends. Get access to your desired study topic and materials as and when needed by you.

Update Parents about Students progress

Parents can view class updates and can stay connected to teachers for timely progress reports of students. Also, parents can view the study plan of students at home. Parents can assist students in their learning progress by getting the help of teachers too.

Teachers can get tools for knowledge sharing

Teachers can answer to the queries of the students through direct messaging and also can share study materials and can ease the process of learning from anywhere.

Hence, explore the World of Education with Padhaoo.com with joy and pleasure.