I used to chat with Hazzikostas regularly in Vanilla

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I used to chat with Hazzikostas regularly in Vanilla. We played on the exact same server. He was among the most friendly and intelligent gamers I've ever met. I cannot fathom that he is genuinely incompetent. There is just no solution. He came into the gaming industry via guild management like Pardo and WOW TBC Gold Kaplan.

This is what I remember . He had been one of the posters who convinced me not to get involved and contribute anything to EJ - like a lurker and utilize other people's math to my benefit. He was a prick then and he is a prick now.

Pardo and Kaplan came from EverQuest. They never developed for the game they played, they moved from EQ to WoW. But Ion came from WoW and now develops WoW. WoW's current condition might be his attempt to mend all of the issues he had with early WoW as a raider, which caters to his particular expertise and tastes, which might just flat out not function in an existing game. It means he has molded it to exactly what he wants, which entailed cutting off chunks and sewing on new ones to attempt to get it to fit.

But in the instance of both Pardo and Kaplan, they had been designing a new game that was new. They were able to take each of their experiences from buy WOW Classic TBC Gold EQ forward and apply thembut they weren't hacking apart an existing game. Maybe if they had been hired to work on EverQuest, it might have had similarly catastrophic results.