EVE Echoes Blasts Off With Developer Interview

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Back in 2019 Captain of EVE Mobile ISK this motley Corporation, Joe Bradford, introduced himself into an early hands on with EVE Echoes. With the launch window for this challenging mobile MMO now set in stone, we chose the opportunity to speak to some of the developers that made EVE Echoes possible.

Sitting down in front of the camera to see Wei Su, Senior Producer in NetEase Games, Shicheng Zhou, Game Designer at NetEase Games, and Bing Xi, General Manager CCP Shanghai ready to discuss EVE Echoes was a stark reminder of how deeply unique this project is. EVE Echoes is the result of a strategic partnership between NetEase and CCP and marks a fresh spin away for an IP that's weathered the storm when it comes to online gambling. Driven by a love of the EVE universe and a very seasoned team in NetEase, EVE Echoes is place to squeeze all of the excitement of the mainstay EVE encounter onto iOS and Android devices this August.

For CCPthis represents a massive divergence from their center clientele and it's similar to DUST 541 was a chart-topping success, therefore we asked whether it was a difficult choice to start development of the mobile experience.

"This wasn't a hard discussion in any way. EVE has existed for 20 years now and we've always looked to enlarge the universe on as many programs as possible. We've clearly had DUST 541 and now we are searching to launch into mobile. Since EVE Online is such a big game with over a decade of content, we don't underestimate how big an effort that produces EVE mobile. Alongside this, CCP has a quite high quality pub. If we ever want to do something it needs to be up to those expectations and satisfies the fan base. "We always wanted to do this but it was never going to be simple. Wei Su strategy us back in 2015 with the idea to deliver EVE to mobile and we sat down and talked to them. We got to know who they were and found out that this was not any other development team form NetEase. This was the group behind Westward Journey Online 2.

"Westward Journey Online 2 was a leading tier MMO in China for over 18 years and it was made by the exact same group of developers. This group has the expertise they understand how to craft fantastic games that stand the test of time. They even built a mobile version of the exact same sport that's also extremely common. We told me a great deal about the team and gave us lots of assurance that they could deliver." While it's easy to throw around the accusation of cash grab at many mobile conversions, it's telling that Wei Su is a hard-core OG EVE player who heads the identical team that initially approached CCP about becoming EVE out to a new audience. He noted that,

"When we began to consider EVE Echoes we want to enlarge the effect of the EVE world, bringing it into lots of fresh players around the mobile market. As much, we want to undertake the challenge of bringing this new mix of participant driven economies and hard-core PvP distance conflicts to cheap eve echoes isk mobile players. "