I can't get this to work in my PC and used to perform

I can't get this to work in my PC and used to perform


I knew I had to start reading guides to PSO2 Meseta understand the sport as a newcomer, but I decided to just play it raw (am just a filthy casual participant ). Now I can start reading up as I approach the late game. Enjoy it!

You know there's something wrong when a game needs a lot of external sources to know even the basics. Along with the"9 years old sport" narrative doesn't work anymore, since in these years there were well explained and identically complex games. Thank you so much for this manual, not all heroes wear capes.

I can't get this to work in my PC and used to perform with the JP version constantly before that weird mad windows upgrade came along and messed up a great deal of people's computers.

I attempted steam the week and ran into problems. Even the service team on discord was perplexed as to what was occurring.

I will just wait for PSO2 New Genesis to come to the PS4/5

I have troubleshooted everything when I was and I would get a gameguard error. I troubleshooted that up till the point I deleted everything (tweaker, PSO2) and tried a new install. Got the same issue.

I've attempted to install Microsoft which was a nightmare. It wouldn't launch for the life span of me. I even had the help team out of ARKS -Layer discord scratching their heads wondering why everything we have tried didn't work.

And It downloaded and when I attempted to launch it, it's only the photo of PSO2 that pops up and just freezes.

My pc isn't old (I made it about 4 years back ) and it is used for video editing. Idk I'm just drawing a blank

Hey I had the problem on my PC. I wound up doing a factory reset and then letting it update and everything works great. Probably there is cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta some update that got misconfigured on the way. If you don't mind reinstalling your software and can back up your personal files you could give a try to that