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Pretty sure you can change it back to mt nba 2k21 at the entire game. I also thought the same but I played with a few fast games and that I love the pro stick so much. I feel like I've already mastered it, getting the center point. Gameplay can also be feeling a lot better. This game feels just like what 2k20 should happen to be basically. I will definitely play with this before next gen. Simply play the game and actually take your time to understand and adjust, it is fun and gets improved. Demo still an L shaped but gameplay is looking fantastic so far, hopefully mike wang doesn't ruin it after children whine. Additionally, I got a hang of the dribbling today too, didn't take long.

Also forgot to mention I fell 81 with Kobe today, had to do it on mamba day, which alone makes me feel confident about using the pro stick, and also gave me a sense of the gameplay. There's no need to get it, it's 2k20 + minor changes.

I'm strictly a myteam player and the mode was looking enjoyable but these gameplay changes are atrocious. I believe you're going to be able to alter the meter to be like 2k20/turn off it. But they constantly change a few dribble move controls each year so that I can not imagine that being too bad. I discovered the demon undersized center build.

Easily the worst demo I've seen. The only change to badges was simply removing Quickdraw. The thing I am most pissed of around is that for dribbling in 2kU you have to utilize Patrick Beverly. 2k21 demo seems exactly the same as 2k20 using another shot meter. Different teams. And very few alterations. This is very accurate. I've been obstructed my Eric Bledsoe 4 times driving for a dunk.

You tripping if I snatch back it is 300% contested. It was my experience! If that is rookie then I ai not purchasing the game. I have hairballs marginally left/rights along with the dudes play tight onto you your jock strap becomes stuck up your bum. I was able to drop 40 points with 8 steals and two blocks with my 5'9" PG construct. I only hope next gen is far different. I wouldn't wager on it lmao.

Why Kobe looks strange in the trailer? It's blasphemy. In 2k13 demonstration you can play online games, as many as you desire. Now look at this shit. Yesterday the match begins. 1st quarter 4:30 moments or something. I left a turnover along with my whole team was cold lol. This sounds precisely like the past 2k demo. Gonna imagine it is the exact same game. No thanks. Why isnt it the something or leaves. The shot meter is really tiny, u can not see shit with it. And they want us to"goal" using it. I see nothing but fact for a moment I thought I was crap stamina non-existent. Why is shooting with cheap nba 2k21 mt coins the rod so weird today?