I originally drawed this(poorly) for EVE

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Imaging seeing another playing in low or null sec that you intend to take out. You employ your web, scramble and zoom in, and begin laying on the harm. Your adrenaline is still pumping. Now when you have them at only hull remaining you shut off your guns and send them a message that states"Cease fire and transfer 50M ISK or lose your boat". Ransom, in my view, is what makes PVP in EO relatable. You give the ISK to me and you get to EVE Echoes Items keep your boat, it's fittings, and the time that it would take you to re-purchase and build. When players are creating 100M+ an hour that time is very valuable. Envision the minutes between you sending that message and awaiting their response, if you've experienced the adrenaline of PVP. Not only do you anticipate their choice but you're also 100% exposed at this point too. For they've friends or clanmates.

While I never took part in gate camping parties, I lost several ships. It is not fun to lose but I admire Eve Echoes, and moreover, it made low and null sec VERY dangerous (read: exciting) to fly into. In Echoes, there is zero danger of flying 20 jumps through any platform in Eve Echoes. You can have EE perform the travel for you! EE has eliminated a lot of the dangers of flying in space. The only time that you're ever genuinely subjected to PVP when your doing assignments, anomalies, or mining in non or null-sec, and if you're clever you've lined up using a warp point so that it's near impossible to handle you unless you're not paying attention.

In EO, I can play a bounty hunter and choose to blow up your boat right in the center of Jita because someone paid me too (or did not.). Not possible in Echoes. I hope this answers your query and didn't come across as cynical, so I really really look forward to the launch of Eve Echoes I just hope it doesn't stay care bear beneficial for the long-term. A few of the changes are the reason I'm playing with EE. I loathed gate being blown up in large sec and camping. Those two changes make Eve Echoes a better imho. I dont like that it is all but impossible to get warp disruptors but I really like that I can jump around without a huge amount of danger.

Because I am flying to a point 35 jumps away, getting blown up only was thrash in EO. The truth is sec is wont halt the capability to pirate in null and non. So there should be more danger, you earn money in low and null. Because they provide any loot that is great anomalies in sec ought to be safe. Without getting as good of loot, it gives individuals a place and mine peacefully. This mechanic adds risk and reward.something that was lame I'm EO imho. Just pulling out of Jita was a risk.and that simply wasnt fun.

I originally drawed this(poorly) for EVE