My Skin Is Oily In Summer And Dry In Winter? Read This Now

Is my skin is oily in summer and dry in winter? What makes my skin oily or dry? The fact is that skin is a biological entity.


You need to know your skin type. Everyone's skin type is different. It varies from one person to another. A typical person has several types of skin.

There are seven facial skin types; oily, dry, combination, normal, sensitive, combination and acne prone. An important thing to remember is that an individual can have oily skin at one time and dry skin at another time.

The signs that your skin is oily and dry are different. If you want to know the difference between the two, you must have some idea about oily and dry skin. Oily skin is when there is excessive oil secreted by your body and it usually appears as whiteheads or blackheads on your face. Most often the oil has seeped into the pores, clogging the openings.

Dry skin is usually yellowish or brownish, because your skin is losing its moisture content due to stress, too much sunshine, prolonged exposure to the sun, or drinking too much alcohol. Drinking alcohol also gives your skin a dry look because of dehydration. So it is not uncommon for people to have dry skin in winter.

Dry skin often leaves uneven lines on your face, because the skin of your face is thinner than the rest of your body. Thus, you cannot hide the lines. It is also common for this type of skin to appear around the mouth area.

On the other hand, oily skin has pores and it is a kind of skin where the natural oil keeps it moist all the time. Although this kind of skin is more prone to acne, as well as wrinkles, so it is much easier to remove scars, but normal skin also appears just like dry skin except that the signs of aging are less obvious.

Sometimes a person has more than one type of skin type. The problem may be that their facial skin type is very irregular, it is sometimes classified as normal skin type is more noticeable.

Another problem related to skin type is the change of temperature. During summer you have the chance to be more active while winter can put you to sleep when you get too cold.

As you can see, skin problems may arise due to a number of reasons. The major cause of this is poor lifestyle choices.

Bad lifestyle choices such as overeating, bad sleeping habits, or lack of exercise can also lead to problems with the skin. Moreover, the use of oil-based cosmetics may also increase the risk of developing skin problems. So if you want to enjoy your youth without having to spend the rest of your life looking ugly, then don't try to make excuses like "I don't care if I look ugly."

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